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Happy Friday!

Beginning next Friday, I’m going to start a Friday post called “Friday Finds” which will contain an article on something new and cool whether it be a new app, website, Facebook app, what have you BUT this Friday I wanted to share an article from the website of the week: allfacebook.com.

Per an article posted by the site on 2/15, it is rumored that Facebook with begin beta testing Timeline for Brand pages starting this Wednesday, 2/29. In lieu of this news, the Co-Founder of a promotion building company, Antavo,  has provided to us three ideas about how to maximize the timeline layout on a page to do promotions:

  • Small pictures could be uploaded to the tabs, which are widgets now. The best way to show the active tab is to show it coloured.
  • Promotions would have a wide canvas, and they might have small reminders on the main page.
  • The cover photo will give a very instant tool for marketers — they will not need to use applications, because it will be a simple photo-upload. Marketers can change it as often as they want, because it’s very easy. They can put seasonal info there with currently running promotions.


Check out the article on allfacebook.com!

Also,  here is the link to Antavo’s blog.


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