Facebook: Badges

Recently, since the launch of Timeline, Facebook has added many new features- so many that I’m having a hard time keeping up with them all! Since I had some free time today (Happy Presidents Day) I was poking around to see if I noticed anything new.

While I was on my profile page, I clicked on the “settings” icon (the little gear in the top corner of your timeline) and I saw the “add a badge to your page” option in the drop down menu. Add a badge? What does that mean? So I clicked on it. It turns out that Facebook has added a new feature where a user can promote themselves, or the pages they admin, on other websites. This feature is called a Facebook Badge and is a semi-customizable tool generates a code that can be placed on other websites to promote your personal Facebook page, a business or fan page, or another page that you “like.” It’s pretty neat. There are 4 different types of badges that a user can choose from: Profile, Photo, Like or Page.

  • The Profile badge displays a condensed version of your Facebook profile page in a small box. This will then click-through to your Facebook profile page.
  • The Photo badge can display anywhere form 1-10 photos. I found that this only pulled from my cover photos. If a viewer clicks on it, it will click through to your profile page.
  • The Like badge always a user to market for a Facebook page that they like. If a viewer clicks on this display, it will click-through to the liked page.
  • The Page badge allows for the promotion of pages that you admin. If, for example, you have a business page that you want to promote on your businesses website, this is a great option for you.

Oh Facebook, where will you take us next?