Facebook: Up-and-coming Recruiting Site?

According to this article posted yesterday to Mashable, Facebook may in fact be the hottest job-seeking tool. Coming from a generation where we were taught to “hide” our Facebook pages from potential employers out of fear that one of our friends may have recently posted a picture from last Friday night, this article brought a different perspective to the table for me.

Although the Mashable article is speaking from a job-seekers point of view, it made me think that if job-seekers are looking to Facebook to find a position, then company’s must be facilitating this by posting jobs on their company Facebook pages which probably means that they are also looking to Facebook a lot more “character references.” My advice is to always think of yourself as representing something bigger than you when deciding how you want to be perceived across the many social platforms. We’ve all heard the expression “don’t post anything you wouldn’t be ok with your Grandparents seeing online about you” but I feel that thinking that you’re representing something bigger means more. Whether you’re in college and you’re representing your sorority or fraternity or academic honor society or if you’re part of a sports team, you’re still part of something bigger. And then when you enter the “real world” and you have a job, then you’re representing your company. All of these things you take part in, whether its a club or a job, are things that you spend your time on because you’re proud of being affiliated with said organization so would you want the CEO of your company coming to your Facebook page and seeing a picture of you’re crazy Friday night? Probably not. You would want them to see the professional “you” that you’re proud of. I think the most important lesson to take from this is that social media is, in fact, taking over the world. We no longer live in a world that has privacy as long as there is internet (which I think I’m ok with) so in order to keep your integrity, spend some time with the privacy policies across the different social media platforms that you engage in.

Back to the topic of the article, Facebook is making a name for itself in the job-hunters mind. Maybe one day it will be right up there along side sites like Talent Zoo, MediaBistro, Indeed, Simply Hired, and LinkedIn. Please take a minute to read the article on Mashable or at least give the infographic below a one (or twice) over and it has some pretty interesting information on Facebook and job-seeking.