Why Isn’t Your Facebook Content as Shareable as a Super Bowl Ad?- Constant Contact

Fresh off of Superbowl weekend (Go Giants!), I thought that this could make a great first blog post!

So the main question that this article asks is “Wouldn’t it be nice if the content you posted to Facebook was shared just as often and enthusiastically as those Super Bowl commercials are?” I think we would all answer a resounding “YES!” as just the Volkswagen “Dog Strikes Back” commercial alone has 5,198,818 views as of 11:03 this morning. Could you image if your “how to” video or Facebook status update had even 1 million views? It’s mind-blowing to think about that. Shoot, I’m excited that what I have to say reaches my 200 Twitter followers; I can’t even fathom having a million people hear/see my message. But I digress.

This article doesn’t tell how to gain caliber of exposure of the Superbowl ads but the article does provide the “5 cardinal rules of social media content” and advises that you don’t break them. The rules include making sure that the content that you are posting is 1) helpful, 2) creates a connection with the reader/viewer, 3) is entertaining, 4) creates buzz, and 5) is “share worthy.”

Although these may seem obvious, it is sometimes easy to forget the basics. Don’t let something that is so elementary to your marketing mind slip though the cracks. Remember that your audience is full of busy people and ask yourself why would someone want to take time from their busy day to listen to this? This is a rule that I live by when writing. Come to think of it, it was the foundation behind starting this blog.

Please take a moment to read this article as I do think that it is insightful and a good refresher on what to remember when composing a post.

Have a Happy Monday!